Silver Bracelets "SvetL"

Bioinformatic adaptive bracelets of the “SvetL” programs have a general beneficial effect on the human body and are used as both a preventive measure and for healing and human development.

The bracelets:

• have the ability to positively stimulate biological processes in the human body, providing a healing and restorative effect on the body;
• contribute to the restoration of bodily functions that have been disrupted by various pathologies, infections and adverse environmental factors;
• reduce the level of impact on humans of adverse environmental factors, and facilitate the recovery of the body’s natural protective mechanisms;
• create the conditions for harmonious mental and physical development;
• enhance creative potential. Using the bracelet facilitates the optimal assimilation of information and understanding of educational material;
• support people engaged in sports, tourism, and generally those with an active lifestyle.

Women's Silver Bracelets "SvetL"

These bioinformatic adaptive programs “SvetL” have a ...

14000 rub

Male version, Type 2

These bioinformatic adaptive programs “SvetL” have a General beneficial effect on the hum...

14000 rub

The active element of the bracelet is the “SvetL” program.

The effect of the program is primarily directed at a comprehensive restoration of the energy-informatic systems of the human body (the user), taking into account the individual characteristics of a particular person.

Depending on the bracelet’s functional designation, the "SvetL” program not only has a healing effect on the bracelet’s owner, but also delivers a number of other features that enhance creative and intellectual potential, protect against the negative impacts of the environment and energy-informatic effects, improve emotional and psychological resilience, and contribute to a rapid and full recovery of the body after exercise.

Please read the “SvetL” Bracelet User Manual.

You can find out more the “SvetL” technologies in the Information and FAQ sections, in the “SvetL” Group at, at the Forum, and also on the “SvetL” technical support site.