Pendant “SvetL-K” Complex

14 000 rub × = 14 000 rub


Functionally, the “SvetL-K” Complexes for Adults, as well as the “SvetL” silver Bracelets, have a Single functional allotment:

It increases the creative and mental potential, promotes better assimilation of information and perception of educational material, and ensures the harmonious development of a person. Increases emotional and mental stability. Creates conditions for neutralizing the negative energy-informational impact and the influence of negative emotional background.

It protects against negative environmental factors, energy-informational influences and radiation from electrical devices, and increases emotional and mental stability. Supports people engaged in sports, leading an active lifestyle, promotes rapid and high-quality recovery of the body after physical exertion.

At children's Complexes “SvetL-K”, the established program “SvetL” independently chooses the priority direction of influence depending on, as a rule, the unconscious needs of the child at a particular time.

Some points of practical application of the “SvetL-K” Complex»

Activation of the “SvetL” Program installed on the “SvetL-K”" Complex»:
The user must independently take the “SvetL-K” complex in the form of a pendant in the palm of his left hand, hold the Pendant in the palm of his hand for 60 seconds and then put the Pendant on his neck.
If it is not possible to do the above independently (a child, an elderly person, etc.), the Assistant performs the necessary actions for the User, without touching the “SvetL-K” Complex itself until the activation is completed.

After activation, the action of the “SvetL” Program installed on the “SvetL-K” Complex is not affected by accidental touches of other people and / or animals, mechanical damage, high temperatures, chemically active substances, x-rays and other types of radiation. However, it is worth remembering that this is a personal item, and it is not intended for mass demonstration, experiments, or use by other people. Mechanical, thermal, chemical and other types of impacts can only lead to a violation of the integrity and deterioration of the appearance of the carrier.

A cord for wearing The complex on the neck is provided in the set with the “SvetL-K” Complex. This cord, if desired, can be replaced with your own silver chain. The chain can be of any type and size.


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