Video of Nikolai Viktorovich Levashov, movies based on the books of Levashov, feedback from users of the “SvetL” programs.

Путь-и-Шествие "СветЛ"

Here you can view videos with feedback from users of “SvetL” health technologies.


Video of Nikolai Viktorovich Levashov 

about Russian technologies and “SvetL” technologies.


3rd Workshop of New Knowledge - "The ability to think - the basis of reason".
11 January 2014, St. Petersburg.

An account by Sergei Danilov about the invention of a unique healing device created by the Russian scientist Nikolai Levashov.


The Diversity of Life
A cycle of films in the series "Man" based on the books of Russian scientist, Nikolai Levashov.

The Diversity of Life. Series - "Man". Part I

The film touches on the so-called ‘astral creatures’ and the harm or benefits they can bring living beings in symbiosis with them.

The main theme of the film is pregnancy. Why, in the early stages of an embryo’s development does it look like a fish, or a frog ... It may seem strange, but it is a symbiosis with astral creatures that creates such a similarity.

And at the end of the film there is an account of the disastrous consequences for the soul (the essence) of person that can be brought about by abortion.

The Diversity of Life. Series - "Man". Part II

All our thoughts, desires, and most importantly actions affect the processes leading to karma in the form of severe congenital diseases and injuries. And unfortunately, no repentance nor praying before the icons can remove the consequences of the deed.

The Diversity of Life. Series - "Man". Part III 

How neurons of the brain receive and fix information from the environment. The nature of short-term memory. How it is formed, where it is stored. Answers concerning the scientific works of Russian scientist, Nikolai Levashov.


“SvetL” Complex

The “SvetL” Complex. The "golden ratio" proportions of water.

The “SvetL” Complex, in addition to its core functions, brings the condition of water into the proportions of a "golden ratio", aligning hydrogen and oxygen atoms from a "dead" cubic stucture into a "living" dodecahedral structure. Only after the restoration of harmony of a "golden ratio" does water become capable of saturating and quenching thirst. Water then becomes useful for humans.

The nature of cancer.

The cause of cancer is a disturbance of feedback between the brain and the body's cells at the level of the essence (soul), with the inability of the body to remove toxins and poisons from the cells. Only by restoring all levels of cells to a normal structure and a level of electric potential, which is characteristic for this type of cell, is it possible to prevent new cancers in humans. This requires help from outside. These processes are ‘tracked’ by the “SvetL” Complex.

The “SvetL” Complex. A new approach to health restoration.

The “SvetL” program, possessing a broad spectrum of positive properties, is designed for various tasks to restore the body’s health and functions which have been disrupted by various pathologies, infections and adverse environmental factors, and also to to create conditions for a person’s harmonious mental and physical development.

The “SvetL” Complex. The harmonization of living space.

The number of people who needed help from Nikolay Viktorovich Levashov increased day by day. It was necessary to address the issue at a mass scale. With this objective in mind, Nikolai Levashov created the unique “SvetL” program. The program is there to help people, by restoring the integrity of the body which has been badly degraded by environmental conditions, by the interference of pharmacology, by the excessive and groundless application of vaccination, the use of genetically modified foods and drugs, and by the impact of electromagnetic fields of all those “benefits of civilization".


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